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to discuss all this. we have joe williams from washington, beth fouhy from yahoo news and kevin cirilli from politico. as we look at all this, let me ask you first of all too little surveillance in boston? too much surveillance over all in the country? what is your general thought? >> well, what was remarkable was they chose a site where they had to know there were thousands of people standing there with cameras recording the marathon. how they could elude being captured on film or video everyone has got a smart phone. i'm holding my smart phone in my hand. everyone has got one and everyone is taking pictures when their loved one or friend is crossing the finish line. pictures are going to be taken regardless. and we have also gotten used to the fact that there are public operating cameras by governments peering in on us. that's the way it is now. maybe it's so normative until you start talking about numbers and what you described in london is amazing. but maybe people feel it's an adequate tradeoff for keeping us safer. >> cenk: that's the problem with the tradeoff in my opinion. we don't g
. sounds like they're off to a great start. of course our panel is here with us joe williams, beth fouhy and lee fang. it seems they are trying to remarket the same ideas. >> i think we could see something very interesting out of this meeting. this is the first they are doing six they did the autopsy which you just described. it remains to be seen whether the rank and file of this party is going to accept and adopt the autopsy. it is likely that this is something to examine what went wrong. the delegates to this meeting could simply reject that and say we don't want any part of this and say our problems are more with not being conservative enough. you could see a real back lash against that autopsy. the other thing you're going to see potentially is a vote on whether or not to reaffirm the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman which is a resolution that's going to go before them at this meetmeeting. cenk: i have a radical idea of what's wrong with the republican party. it's called the republican party. it's actually their ideas. tax cuts for the rich, you know, they're
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2